Ladenbau Niederrhein

The specialists of running stores.

The Runners' Shop

..is much more than an outlet which sells running shoes. It is also a meeting place and chat-centre for runners of all levels. If you want to be in retail's front row and achieve optimal sales-turnover, we are the contact-partner you're looking for. We have been fitting out running-shops and configuring successful sales-displays for more than twenty years and are the acknowledged specialists in this field.

Ulf Priewe, founder of Ladenbau-Niederrhein



Through our excellent and extensive contacts with dealers and distributors we have access to all the latest news and information on product-sales, trends and opportunities. We are acknowledged specialists in the optimal fitting-out of running stores.



Planning is a process involving communication and interchange of information. It is a path that planning-participants travel together. Once the optimal solution has been found, upgrading can begin immediately. Everything will have been meticulously prepared.


Our claim 

..is the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. This applies to the joint design process, production and successful assembly in your shop.


Our Range of Services

Are you looking for comprehensive technical and commercial support covering floor-layout, lighting, display - components?

Do you require help with alterations and/or modifications in your store?

We stand ready to assist you in any of your projects, whether they are 'one-off' or 'series' undertakings. Absolutely no problem! We have been involved in around 1500 Structural -information-gathering projects throughout the whole of Germany, and have worked with almost every sports-outfitter.

Shop in Shop

more than 1500 projects

Having delivered on around 1500 individual projects, we have immense experience in customised-design, series-production and the installation of customers' own materials. From us you will get the very best of service.

Speciality Floor-Design

Testing running-shoes in free-practice gives the best results. A tartan track provides optimal grip and shows that you are a professional. Spiked-shoes can also be tested.

High-quality, integrated running-tracks from Laufsport Bunert in Essen give customers valuable assistance in making up their minds when buying shoes. 


Our expertise, competence and experience encompass not only the planning, leadership and realisation of projects, but also biomechanics and analysis.

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We advise on and ensure implementation for all your requirements, whatever type of development you have in mind, whether it's 'point-of-sale' furniture, stools for customers to try on shoes or your display-arrangements. 

Quality, execution and an eye for detail are what we are renowned for, and the bar by which we measure our own performance.


In our judgement achieving the best possible lighting setup is of the greatest importance. We hold optimal illumination and spot-lighting to be as important as a positive energy-balance. 

Frequently, the costs involved in modifying and improving your lighting-system can be covered, within three years, by lower energy-costs, alone. Just ask us!

Exhibition Stands

Intershop Zürich

If you want to expand into other sectors you'll not be able to do without an exhibition-stand.

Intershop Mailand

We have many years of experience in the provision of attentive, cost-efficient support to customers wishing to exhibit their products at trade-fairs and the like.

We provide support during the planning, setting-up and dismantling of exhibitions, as well as taking care of all associated logistics

The attention to detail can be felt everywhere with us. 

From planning to implementation.